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Welcome to J&M Brewing Supplies

The results of the 2014 Marin County Fair Homebrewing Competition and Amateur Winemaking Competition are in!

At J&M Brewing Supplies, you will find knowledgeable and friendly staff that are willing to help all customers, not just expert homebrewers.  Come on into the store if brewing, wine, or cheese making is something that you’ve thought of in past, but just haven’t tried yet.  Everyone who brews, even the experts, started with homebrewing.  It’s easy to make really good beer, wine, or cheese at home.  With an emphasis on customer service, we are here to answer all you questions and make you feel comfortable and confident when you are ready to get started.  After talking with our staff, you’ll be more excited than ever to make your first batch of beer, wine or cheese at home.

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store hours:
Tuesday- Friday
10am – 7pm

Sat and Sun
10am – 5pm

(415) 883-7300

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